Aishwarya Rai earns big with profit-sharing deal for Jazbaa

Till now, profit-sharing deals have largely been the prerogative of male superstars in Bollywood. But, now, women stars, too, are opting for this business model. Last year, Deepika Padukone apparently struck a profit-sharing deal for Finding Fanny.

Now, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has done the same with her comeback release, Jazbaa. In fact, trade experts insist conference-promote-upcoming-aishwarya-bachchan-paliwal-irrfan_0fa38026-7414-11e5-a2be-bd52c89c4a35[1]that since the film is raking in the moolah — after taking India and overseas collections, plus satellite and music rights into account — the actor has already earned almost Rs 3 crore, as part of her share from the profits earned by the film.


“It was a wise decision (to opt for a profit-sharing model) on Aishwarya’s part, since the film has become a hit. And as the movie continues to do well — especially with no major competition in sight, she stands to earn even more,” says a trade insider. As part of the business arrangement, Aishwarya also received a nominal fee upfront for the project.

According to an earlier report in HT Café, besides acting in the Sanjay Gupta-directed film, Aishwarya also made her debut as a producer with it. While she couldn’t be reached for a comment, since she has left the country to work on Karan Johar’s next, Sanjay says, “None of us charged our usual market fee. If we had gone for our usual pay cheques, it couldn’t have been possible to make it on such a shoe-string budget. But now, all of us are happy, since we are all partners — creatively as well as financially.”

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