14-Year-Old Help, Allegedly Tortured, Found in Closet in Gurgaon Home

GURGAON:  A 14-year-old girl from Jharkhand was found inside a closet in a businessman’s home in Gurgaon near Delhi on Wednesday, with signs of torture on her body.

The teenager, who is now in hospital, has alleged that she was beaten and starved by her employers, a couple with twins. She was allegedly given only two rotis a day, beaten by the businessman’s wife with a mop, attacked with a knife and even bashed against a wall.

The police say the girl was brought from Jharkhand seven months ago by her uncle, who handed her over to the businessman.

She was rescued by activists of the NGO Shakti Vahini, who went to the businessman’s home along with the police after a call to a helpline.

When the team visited the house first, they could not find the girl. After another call to the helpline, the police went again and on searching the house, found the girl unconscious, in a closet.

Activists said her legs were swollen and she had marks near her eyes and a deep gash on her back. She was limping when she came out with the police.

“She was taking care of the family’s twin children. When we first went inside the house at about 5.30 pm, the girl was nowhere to be seen. Later, the police received a similar complaint on the helpline number. The girl was found in an unconscious state,” said Rishikant, a member of Shakti Vahini.

The businessman is not in town and the police are questioning his wife. Sources say the police suspect it was the wife who routinely tortured the girl.

This case comes a month after two Nepali women were rescued from the apartment of a Saudi diplomat in Gurgaon. The women, who were working as helps, accused the diplomat of rape and torture.

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