Bangladesh hands over ULFA chief Anup Chetia to India

Banned militant outfit United Liberation Front of Assam’s (ULFA) general secretary Anup Chetia has been handed over to the Indian authorities by Bangladesh and will be brought to the national capital on Wednesday, sources said.

Chetia, a founder member of ULFA, was arrested by the Bangladesh forces in 1997 under the Foreigners and Passport Act and faces several other charges including possession of arms and currencies of 16 different countries. In Assam, the militant faces many charges of extortion and murders.

“Chetia deportation work has been completed and he will be brought to New Delhi today (Wednesday). It is not sure if he will be handed over to the CBI or the Assam Police, who had arrested him in 1991 but later released,” said a source in the home ministry.

Chetia had also written to the UN for political asylum in Bangladesh on Dec. 7, 2008. However, the request was declined.


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