How special cell sleuths used Khota Rajan to divert media from Chhota Rajan

NEW DELHI: It was little over 5.30 am on Friday. Scores of reporters and onlookers could be seen virtually at every nook and corner of the Delhi airport – from T3 to airport’s technical area to terminal 1D, they were all waiting for underworld don Chhota Rajan’s arrival. Half of them had been up all night. And with clippings of Bali cops parading Rajan like a local criminal fresh in their minds, some of them even fancied their chance of having a brief chat with the don upon his arrival.

However, sleuths of Delhi Police’s special cell pulled a fast one on journalists soon enough, when around 50 vehicles chased “Rajan’s carcade” to the cell’s building in Lodhi Colony, only to find that they had been following a dummy. The real Rajan had safely reached CBI headquarters, taken through a secret route by another team.

Sources said special cell had swung into action after Tuesday’s meeting with intelligence agencies in which it was made in-charge of Rajan’s security and transit from the airport. Through Tuesday night, a crack team led by DCP Sanjeev Yadav chalked out all possible exits from the airport and marked out the “usual suspects” which media knew of.

On Thursday evening, two identical teams of same number of commandos, weapons and vehicles were led by Yadav and additional DCP Manishi Chandra for a dry run. The first route was from technical area to special cell building via Vasant Vihar, Moti Bagh, Shanti Path, Race Course Road, Aurangzeb Road and Lodhi Road. The second route was from a secret security gate to CBI HQ via Mehram Nagar, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Khan Market and CGO Complex.

The special IAF aircraft carrying Rajan, Gulfstream-III, landed at the technical area at 5.45am. Rajan got off and kissed the ground saying he was happy to be back after 27 years. However, before he could pull off any more stunts, cops shoved him in a bulletproof car which was led and tailed by six vehicles each. The last two vehicles at both ends had 24 SWAT commandos armed with MP5 sub machine guns and Glock pistols.

Yadav, a source said, was driven away from the technical area and taken through a secret gate which opened towards T-3/Mehram Nagar side. The carcade was quickly replaced by another set of vehicles and “doosra Rajan” led by Chandra. This was the dummy about which TOI had first reported on Friday.

The dummy was then put in an Ambassador car and a heavily guarded motorcade came out through the “technical area” which had scores of media persons waiting outside. The newshounds promptly chased the motorcade in about 50 vehicles.

Sources said Rajan slept through the day and was attended by a team of doctors at the premises itself. He is likely to be arrested on Saturday, sources added

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